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Conference or Workshop Item

Chen, Yushu, Chen, Xiaoyin, Baserdem, Batuhan, Zhan, Huiqing, Li, Yan, Davis, Martin B, Kebschull, Justus M, Zador, Anthony M, Koulakov, Alexei A, Albeanu, Dinu F (2022) High-throughput sequencing of olfactory single neuron projections reveals non-random spatial organization. In: 44th Annual Meeting of the Association-for-Chemoreception-Sciences.

Samoilova, Khristina, Nakayama, Hirofumi, Pashakhanloo, Farhad, Rinberg, Dmitry, Koulakov, Alexei (2022) The order code in the olfactory bulb: can odorants be represented by the order of glomerular activation? In: 44th Annual Meeting of the Association-for-Chemoreception-Sciences.

Shuvaev, S, Starosta, S, Kvitsiani, D, Kepecs, A, Koulakov, A (January 2020) R-learning in actor-critic model offers a biologically relevant mechanism for sequential decision-making. In: NeurIPS 2020.

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Tran, NB, Kepple, DR, Shuvaev, SA, Koulakov, AA (January 2019) Deepnose: Using artificial neural networks to represent the space of odorants. In: 36th International Conference on Machine Learning, ICML 2019.

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In: 25th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting: CNS-2016, 2–7 July 2016, Seogwipo City, Jeju-do, South Korea..


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