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Abou-el-Enein, M, Angelis, A, Appelbaum, FR, Andrews, NC, Bates, SE, Bierman, AS, Brenner, MK, Cavazzana, M, Caligiuri, MA, Clevers, H, Cooke, E, Daley, GQ, Dzau, VJ, Ellis, LM, Fineberg, HV, Goldstein, LSB, Gottschalk, S, Hamburg, MA, Ingber, DE, Kohn, DB, Krainer, AR, Maus, MV, Marks, P, Mummery, CL, Pettigrew, RI, Rutter, JL, Teichmann, SA, Terzic, A, Urnov, FD, Williams, DA, Wolchok, JD, Lawler, M, Turtle, CJ, Bauer, G, Ioannidis, JPA (September 2021) Evidence generation and reproducibility in cell and gene therapy research: A call to action. Molecular Therapy - Methods and Clinical Development, 22. pp. 11-14. ISSN 2329-0501 (In Press)


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Jones, Tyler, Rupert, Deborah (November 2018) Cross sectional analysis of depression and stress in medical students. PsyArXiv. (Unpublished)


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Kotani, Daisuke, Nakamura, Yoshiaki, Fujisawa, Takao, Bando, Hideaki, Sakamoto, Naoya, Johns, Amber L, Park, Keunchil, ICGC-ARGO, Casolino, Raffaella, Yoshino, Takayuki, Biankin, Andrew V (April 2022) ICGC-ARGO precision medicine: targeted therapy according to longitudinal assessment of tumour heterogeneity in colorectal cancer. The Lancet Oncology, 23 (4). pp. 463-464. ISSN 1470-2045


Lyons, Scott K, Plenker, Dennis, Trotman, Lloyd C (July 2021) Advances in preclinical evaluation of experimental antibody-drug conjugates. Cancer Drug Resistance, 4. pp. 745-754. ISSN 2578-532X


McCandlish, DM (September 2021) System-specificity of genotype-phenotype map structure: Comment on “From genotypes to organisms: State-of-the-art and perspectives of a cornerstone in evolutionary dynamics” by Susanna Manrubia et al. Physics of Life Reviews. ISSN 1571-0645

Miyagi, Miriam, Guthman, Eartha Mae, Sun, Simón E Dow-Kuang (December 2021) Transgender rights rely on inclusive language. Science, 374 (6575). pp. 1568-1569. ISSN 0036-8075


Noble, Karen, Owens, Joanna, Andre, Fabrice, Bakhoum, Samuel F, Loi, Sherene, Reinhardt, Hans Christian, Tuveson, David, Swanton, Charles (January 2020) Securing the future of the clinician-scientist. Nature Cancer, 1 (2). pp. 139-141. ISSN 2662-1347


Rupert, Deborah, Nowlan, Alexandra, Tam, Oliver, Hammell, Molly Gale (February 2020) Methods for Running a Successful Women-in-STEM Organization on an Academic Campus. bioRxiv. (Unpublished)

Rupert, Deborah D, Alvarez, George V, Burdge, Eric J, Nahvi, Roxanna J, Schell, Spencer M, Faustino, Francis L (November 2021) Student-Run Free Clinics Stand at a Critical Junction Between Undergraduate Medical Education, Clinical Care, and Advocacy. Academic Medicine, Publis. ISSN 1040-2446


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San Martin, Rebeca, Moffitt, Andrea, Loveless, Theresa, Brixius-Anderko, Simone (February 2023) Recruiting women faculty through inclusive, family-friendly practices. Trends in Biochemical Sciences. ISSN 0968-0004

Sever, Richard (January 2022) Letter to editor: Recommendations for preprints. Current Medical Research and Opinion. pp. 1-3. ISSN 0300-7995

Sever, Richard (March 2023) We need a plan D. Nature Methods. ISSN 1548-7091

Sever, Richard, Carvalho, Thiago (March 2023) What is the Future of Preprint Peer Review? Acta Médica Portuguesa. ISSN 0870-399X

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Zebell, Sophia (October 2021) More is more (DNA and cells) with AELs. Plant Physiology, 187 (2). pp. 676-677. ISSN 1532-2548

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