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Hermansen, Erik, Klindt, David A, Dunn, Benjamin A (June 2024) Uncovering 2-D toroidal representations in grid cell ensemble activity during 1-D behavior. Nature Communications, 15 (1). p. 5429. ISSN 2041-1723

Klindt, David A, Hyvärinen, Aapo, Levy, Axel, Miolane, Nina, Poitevin, Frédéric (March 2024) Towards Interpretable Cryo-EM: Disentangling Latent Spaces of Molecular Conformations. bioRxiv. (Submitted)

Klindt, David, Sanborn, Sophia, Acosta, Francisco, Poitevin, Frédéric, Miolane, Nina (October 2023) Identifying Interpretable Visual Features in Artificial and Biological Neural Systems. arXiv. (Submitted)

Qiu, Yongrong, Klindt, David A, Szatko, Klaudia P, Gonschorek, Dominic, Hoefling, Larissa, Schubert, Timm, Busse, Laura, Bethge, Matthias, Euler, Thomas (April 2023) Efficient coding of natural scenes improves neural system identification. PLoS Computational Biology, 19 (4). e1011037-e1011037. ISSN 1553-7358

Klindt, David (December 2022) Controlling neural network smoothness for neural algorithmic reasoning. Transactions on Machine Learning Research.

Hoefling, Larissa, Szatko, Klaudia P, Behrens, Christian, Qiu, Yongrong, Klindt, David Alexander, Jessen, Zachary, Schwartz, Gregory S, Bethge, Matthias, Berens, Philipp, Franke, Katrin, Ecker, Alexander S, Euler, Thomas (December 2022) A chromatic feature detector in the retina signals visual context changes. bioRxiv. (Submitted)

Hermansen, Erik, Klindt, David A, Dunn, Benjamin A (November 2022) Uncovering 2-D toroidal representations in grid cell ensemble activity during 1-D behavior. bioRxiv. (Submitted)

Klindt, David (October 2022) Understanding neural coding on latent manifolds by sharing features and dividing ensembles. arXiv. (Submitted)

Qiu, Yongrong, Zhao, Zhijian, Klindt, David, Kautzky, Magdalena, Szatko, Klaudia P, Schaeffel, Frank, Rifai, Katharina, Franke, Katrin, Busse, Laura, Euler, Thomas (August 2021) Natural environment statistics in the upper and lower visual field are reflected in mouse retinal specializations. Current Biology, 31 (15). 3233-3247.e6. ISSN 0960-9822

Zhao, Zhijian, Klindt, David A, Maia Chagas, André, Szatko, Klaudia P, Rogerson, Luke, Protti, Dario A, Behrens, Christian, Dalkara, Deniz, Schubert, Timm, Bethge, Matthias, Franke, Katrin, Berens, Philipp, Ecker, Alexander S, Euler, Thomas (March 2020) The temporal structure of the inner retina at a single glance. Scientific Reports, 10 (1). p. 4399. ISSN 2045-2322

Klindt, David, Devaine, Marie, Daunizeau, Jean (January 2017) Does the way we read others' mind change over the lifespan? Insights from a massive web poll of cognitive skills from childhood to late adulthood. Cortex, 86. pp. 205-215. ISSN 0010-9452

Conference or Workshop Item

Klindt, David, Zimmermann, Roland, Brendel, Wieland (March 2024) Measuring Mechanistic Interpretability at Scale Without Humans. In: ICLR 2024 Workshop on Representational Alignment.

Klindt, David, Acosta, Francisco, Conwell, Colin, Sanborn, Sophia, Miolane, Nina (December 2023) Evaluation of Representational Similarity Scores Across Human Visual Cortex. In: UniReps: the First Workshop on Unifying Representations in Neural Models.

Klindt, D, Gaukstad, S, Vaupel, M, Hermansen, E, Dunn, B (January 2023) Topological Ensemble Detection with Differentiable Yoking. In: Proceedings of Machine Learning Research.

Myers, A, Utpala, S, Talbar, S, Sanborn, S, Shewmake, C, Donnat, C, Mathe, J, Lupo, U, Sonthalia, R, Cui, X, Szwagier, T, Pignet, A, Bergsson, A, Hauberg, S, Nielsen, D, Sommer, S, Klindt, D, Hermansen, E, Vaupel, M, Dunn, B, Xiong, J, Aharony, N, Pe'er, I, Ambellan, F, Hanik, M, Nava-Yazdani, E, von Tycowicz, C, Miolane, N (January 2022) ICLR 2022 CHALLENGE FOR COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY & TOPOLOGY: DESIGN AND RESULTS. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Klindt, David (December 2021) Score-Based Generative Classifiers. In: NeurIPS 2021 Workshop on Deep Generative Models and Downstream Applications.

Klindt, D, Schott, L, Sharma, Y, Ustyuzhaninov, I, Brendel, W, Bethge, M, Paiton, DM (January 2021) TOWARDS NONLINEAR DISENTANGLEMENT IN NATURAL DATA WITH TEMPORAL SPARSE CODING. In: ICLR 2021 - 9th International Conference on Learning Representations.

Klindt, David (2021) Modelling Functional Wiring and Processing from Retinal Bipolar to Ganglion Cells. In: Cosyne Conference, 2021.

Gonschorek, Dominic, Hoefling, Larissa, Szatko, Klaudia P, Franke, Katrin, Schubert, Timm, Dunn, Benjamin A, Berens, Philipp, Klindt, David A, Euler, Thomas (2021) Removing Inter-Experimental Variability from Functional Data in Systems Neuroscience. In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems.

Schröder, C, Klindt, D, Strauss, S, Franke, K, Bethge, M, Euler, T, Berens, P (January 2020) System identification with biophysical constraints: A circuit model of the inner retina. In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems.

Klindt, David A, Ecker, Alexander S, Euler, Thomas, Bethge, Matthias (2017) Neural system identification for large populations separating "what" and "where". In: 31st Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2017), Long Beach, CA.

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