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Banta, Arthur Mangun (June 1908) A comparison of the reactions of a terranean and a subterranean species of isopod. Science, 27 (703). p. 945.

Bateson, William, Saunders, Edith Rebecca, Punnett, Reginald Crundall (1908) Experimental studies in the physiology of heredity. In: Reports to the Evolution Committee of the Royal Society. Harrison and Sons, London.

Blakeslee, Albert Francis (March 1908) Book Review: Marchal's aposporie et sexualité chez les mousses. Science, 27 (691). pp. 500-501.

Blakeslee, Albert Francis (November 1908) Sexual condition in fegatella. Botanical Gazette, 46 (5). pp. 384-385.

Blakeslee, Albert Francis (February 1908) Sporangia, Conidia and Zygospores in the genus Choanephora. Science, 27 (687). p. 340.

Blakeslee, Albert Francis (June 1908) A method of sending pure cultures of fungi. Science, 27 (703). pp. 960-961.


Castle, William Ernest (1908) Color variation among domesticated animals. Proceedings of the American Breeders' Association, 4. p. 172.

Castle, William Ernest (August 1908) A new color variety of the guinea-pig. Science, 28 (712). pp. 250-252.

Correns, Carl E. (1908) Die Rolle der männlichen Keimzellen bei der Geschlechtsbestimmung der gynodioscischen Pflanzen. Berichte der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft, 26. pp. 686-701.

Correns, Carl E. (May 1908) Die bestimmung des geschlechtes bei den pflanzen. Umschau. pp. 361-367.

Cuenot, Lucien Claude Marie Julien (November 1908) Etudes sur le cancer des souris. Y-a-t-il un rapport entre les differentes mutations connues chez les souris et la receptivite a la Greffe? Comptes rendus Academie Sciences Paris, 147.

Cuenot, Lucien Claude Marie Julien (1908) Les idees nouvelles sur l'origine des espesces par mutation. Revue generale des Sciences, 19 (21). p. 860.

Cuenot, Lucien Claude Marie Julien (1908) Les males d'Abeilles proviennent-ils toujours d'oeufs parthenogenetiques. Comptes rendus Societe de Biologie Paris, 65. p. 769.

Cuenot, Lucien Claude Marie Julien (1908) Sur quelques anomalies apparentes des proportions mendeliennes. Archives de Zoologie Experimentale, 9 (1). pp. 7-15.


Darbishire, Arthur DuKinfield (1908) On the result of crossing round with wrinkled peas, with especial reference to their starch grains. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B. Biological sciences., 80 (537). pp. 122-135.

Davenport, Charles Benedict (March 1908) The American Breeders' Association. Science, 27 (689). pp. 413-417.

Davenport, Charles Benedict (1908) Aufgabe und einrichtung einer biologischen versuchcanstalt fur tierzucht. Jahrb. f. wissen. und praktische Tierzucht, 3. p. 28.

Davenport, Charles Benedict (October 1908) Degeneration, albinism, and inbreeding. Science, 28 (718). pp. 454-455.

Davenport, Charles Benedict (1908) Determination of dominance in Mendelian inheritance. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, 47. p. 59.

Davenport, Charles Benedict (1908) Heredity of some human physical characteristics. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, 5. pp. 101-102.

Davenport, Charles Benedict (1908) Inheritance in canaries. Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication; no. 95 (95). Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington, D.C..

Davenport, Charles Benedict (1908) Recent advances in the theory of heredity. Journal of Heredity, 4 (1). pp. 355-357.

Davenport, Charles Benedict (November 1908) Recessive characters. Science, 28 (725). p. 729.

Davenport, Gertrude Anna Crotty, Davenport, Charles Benedict (May 1908) Heredity of hair-form in man. The American Naturalist, 42 (497). pp. 341-349.


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Hurst, Charles Chamberlain (October 1908) Mendel's law of heredity and its application to man. Transactions of the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society, 12.

Hurst, Charles Chamberlain (1908) On the inheritance of eye-color in man. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B. Biological sciences., 80. pp. 85-96.


Kellogg, Vernon Lyman (1908) Studies in inheritance in silk-worms. Technical Report. Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.


Lutz, Anne M. (1908) Chromosomes of the somatic cells of the oenotheras. Science, 27 (687). p. 335.

Lutz, Frank Eugene (1908) Combination of alternative and blending inheritance. Science, 28 (714). pp. 317-318.

Lutz, Frank Eugene (1908) Notes on the inheritance of variations in the color pattern of Crioceris asparagi. Psyche, 15 (3). pp. 50-52.

Lutz, Frank Eugene (March 1908) The inheritance of the manner of clasping the hands. The American Naturalist, 42 (495). pp. 195-196.

Lutz, Frank Eugene (1908) The variation and correlation of certain taxonomic characters of Gryllus. Technical Report. Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington, D.C..


MacDougal, Daniel Trembly (January 1908) Heredity and environic forces. Science, 27 (682). pp. 121-128.

MacDougal, Daniel Trembly (1908) The physiological aspect of a species. The American Naturalist, 42 (496). pp. 249-252.


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Punnett, Reginald Crundall, Bateson, William (May 1908) The heredity of sex. Science, 27 (698). pp. 785-787.


Riddle, Oscar (June 1908) The rate of growth of the egg-yolk in the chick, and the significance of white and yellow yolk in the ova of vertebrates. Science, 27 (703). p. 945.


Shull, George Harrison (1908) Dr. Baur on variegated varieties. Plant World, 11.

Shull, George Harrison (July 1908) Dr. Baur on variegation. The Plant World, 11 (7). pp. 147-151.

Shull, George Harrison (February 1908) Some new cases of Mendelian inheritance. Botanical Gazette, 45 (2). pp. 103-116.

Shull, George Harrison (1908) The composition of a field of maize. Journal of Heredity, 4. pp. 296-301.

Shull, George Harrison (July 1908) A new Mendelian ratio and several types of latency. The American Naturalist, 42 (499). pp. 433-451.

Shull, George Harrison (February 1908) The pedigree-culture: its aims and methods. The Plant World, 11 (2). pp. 21-64.

Shull, George Harrison (February 1908) The relation of Bursa Heegeri to Bursa bursa-pastoris. Science, 27 (687). pp. 336-337.

Shull, George Harrison (1908) The species question: Discussion in symposium of Botanical Society of America. The American Naturalist, 42 (496). pp. 277-279.


Tschermak, Erich von (1908) Der moderne stand des vererbungsproblemes. Ein vortrag. Archiv für Rassen- und Gesellschaftsbiologie, 5 (3).

Tschermak, Erich von (1908) Die kreuzungszuchtung des getreides und die frage nach den ursachen der mutation. Monatshefte fur Landwirtschaft (1).

Tschermak, Erich von (1908) Die mendelschen vererbungsgesetze. Vortrage des Vereins f Verbreitung Naturwis Kenntnisse in Wien (5).

Tschermak, Erich von (1908) Uber die ergebnisse der modernen kreuzungszuchtung bei getreide und ihre zukunft. Monatshefte fur Landwirtschaft (2).

Tschermak, Erich von (1908) Uber kreuzungszuchtung der getreidearten. Nachrichten aus dem Klub der Landwirtschaft zu Berlin (517).


Vries, Hugo de (1908) Bastarde von Oenothera gigas. Berichte der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft, 26 (10). p. 754.

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